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We are happy to help you with legal assistance in the law practice areas listed below. With a range of topics available, it can be challenging to find the right legal representation. Choose from personal injury, traffic accidents, family law, criminal or dui defense to get tailored legal help. Finding the right legal professional is crucial to understand legal procedures and make informed decisions. Select a topic today that meets your specific legal needs for peace of mind.

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Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Injury Attorney
Damages in Personal Injury Cases
Slip & Fall
Wrongful Death
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Gay/Same-Sex Family Issues
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Law Practice Areas
Traffic Accidents in Florida
Driving Offenses
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Pre-Filing Investigation
White Collar Crimes
Seal and Expunge
Aiding & Abetting
Hit & Run/Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Sex Crimes
Violation of a Restraining Order/Civil Injunction
Obstruction of Justice/Resisting Arrest
Drug Offenses
Sealing/Expunction of a Criminal Record
Assault and Battery
Juvenile Crimes
Driving Offenses
Criminal Defense
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What to do When You Are Arrested for DUI in Florida
DUI Attorney Lutz
DUI Attorney Wesley Chapel
What are the penalties for a drunk driving conviction in Florida?
DUI Attorney New Port Richey
Can I get a limited license or work permit following a Florida drunk driving conviction?
DUI Attorney Zephyrhills
What is an ignition interlock device?
Can my prior convictions be used against me in a Florida drunk driving case?
What if I burped or regurgitated within twenty minutes prior to blowing?
DUI Attorney New Tampa
Do I have a right to an attorney when I am stopped by an officer and asked to take a field sobriety test in Florida?
DUI Attorney Florida
Can the police charge me with a breathalyzer refusal even though I tried to blow into it?
What are the standardized field sobriety tests?
I actually passed the breath test, but the police still arrested me. How is that possible?
Can I be stopped and arrested for DUI or DWI in Florida even if the vehicle was not moving?
What happens if I refuse a breath test in Florida?
Can I get a DUI on private property?
DWI / DUI Drunk Driving
The police officer never gave me a Miranda warning following my drunk driving arrest in Florida. Can I get my case dismissed?
Can I get a DUI when I am taking prescription medication?
What is a DRE?
If I am stopped while driving in Florida and the police officer asks me to do field sobriety tests, do I have to do them?
Will I lose my drivers license following conviction in my Florida drunk driving case?
DUI Attorney Brandon
How might the court use the SCRAM bracelet to punish me before or after I am convicted of drunk driving?
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Hiring an Attorney
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Couple Inside Car After Road Traffic Accident With Male Driver Suffering Whiplash Injury

Personal Injury

Slip & Falls, Premise Liability, Dog Bites

Traffic Accidents

Car Accidents, Motorcycle Crash, Bicycle Accident

Family Law

Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Injunctions

Handcuffed hands

Criminal Defense

Domestic Battery, VOP, Drug Possession, Theft, Sex Offenses

Male Driver Being Handcuffed And Arrested By Female Traffic Police Officer For Driving Offence

DUI Defense

Reduce Your Charge, Breath Test Refusal, Improper Stop, Field Sobriety Tests

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