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Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Local Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle accident injuries can be severe and deserve just and fair compensation.  The bicycle accident lawyers at Butash Law Group have the unique experience and expertise guide you through this process.  Certain steps must immediately be taken to ensure your rights are preserved and protect any recovery to which you are entitled.  The bicycle accident lawyers at Butash Law Group now offer a free no obligation consultation so you can get the answers  you need at no charge.

A bicyclist is expected to follow the same rules and regulations that cars must follow while on our highways.  Unfortunately, other motorists often do not view these bicycle riders as the same or as having equal rights to our roadways which can lead to devastating results.

Injured in a Bicycle Accident.

Bicycle accident injuries may entitle you to substantial compensation. You should hire the best bicycle accident lawyers you can find to ensure you are compensated for your injuries. Our bicycle accident attorneys will  fight to maximize your recovery and minimize your stress.

First Steps After Bicycle Accident.

Immediately after the bicycle accident you must take steps to preserve as much evidence as possible.  If possible you should take pictures of your damaged bicycle and any other damage to vehicles or surrounding objects.  You should also get witness information so you can contact them when needed.  Take notes as to what each person has to say for future reference.

Because bicycle accident injuries may be severe you should immediately seek medical attention. Some injuries take days to become apparent in which case you should return to your doctor to document these injuries and receive treatment.  Similar to documenting the bicycle crash scene you should photograph each injury and make notes of the pain and discomfort that they cause.

Speak To Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyers.

Consult an experienced and knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer to get answers to your specific questions. You should do everything possible to protect your rights and maximize your recovery.  Butash Law Group. offers a free no obligation consultation for anyone injured in a bicycle accident in Florida.

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