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When to Consult an Attorney In case Of a Car Accidents

Posted by Michael G. Butash | Aug 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

If you're a victim of a car accident, the law stipulates that you should get compensation for your injuries. There are however certain factors that come into play when compensation is being considered. The nature of the accident is one of the considerations. Is it a bicycle accident? Catastrophic injury case? Truck, motorcycle, bus or drunk driving accident? Here are a few things you should know before consulting an accident lawyer on your car accident Lutz case.

Why Consult An Accident Attorney?

When you're a victim of a car accident, you need an attorney to help you get full compensation based on the damage caused resulting to medical expenses, damage to the motor vehicle, wages lost as a result of the injury, rental fees if the car is a rental, impound and towing fees, pain and suffering. Whether you're incapacitated or not, this is a legal battle you can possibly not handle on your own competently and that is where an accident attorney comes in handy.

Truck Accidents

If your accident involves a truck crash, the case will most likely be lengthy and the negotiations with the liable insurance institutions complex. Things like chronic effects of injuries, loss of productivity, the cause of the accident, and even the condition of the truck driver who caused the accident come into questioning. Proving your case can, therefore, be extremely difficult and draining and that is why for car accident Lutz involving trucks, it's imperative to work with competent attorneys such as those from Butash & Donavan. They have the expertise needed to skillfully fight for a favorable outcome.

Catastrophic injuries

A catastrophic injury refers to any car accident that causes long-term or permanent disability to the victim. Although there doesn't exist a precise legal definition, it is used in cases where extensive treatments and difficult recovery processes are involved such as multiple surgeries, loss of a limb, and lifetime health care as a result of the injury caused by an accident.

The key thing considered during catastrophic injuries is the extent to which the injury is debilitating. If you are not able to perform functions that you were able to before the accident occurred, then you can definitely argue catastrophic injury.

If you are not able to work and earn your livelihood as a result of the injury caused by an accident, then the injury can be deemed as catastrophic. Compensation for catastrophic injuries usually has higher compensation than for most of the other injuries. To get your due compensation, you need a very experienced attorney who is competent to argue the case on your behalf.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Butash & Donavan not only represent DUI perpetrators, but they also represent victims of DUI accidents. While a driver convicted of driving under the influence is legally bound to compensate a DUI accident, there is no amount of compensation that can truly make up for injuries that result from a car accident. But accident attorney at Butash & Donavan will do everything in their power to fight for the best outcome.

For more information on the best car accident Lutz attorneys, contact Butash and Donavan and get a free consultation today.

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