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Even if an individual is separated with their spouse and live alone currently, they are still required to give their children the same quality of life as they have experienced while they were still with their partner. One way that this can be done in the eyes of the court system is to make sure both parents pay their fair share of child support. But what if someone refuses to pay child support or does not give as much as they should? Legal actions are taken against those who do not pay child support by what is commonly referred to as child support enforcement. Tampa residents might wonder what is child support enforcement and more importantly, how do they mange to have someone make payments towards their child support payments?

Is Child Support Enforcement a legitimate Action?

Many people think that child support enforcement sounds like something that would be apart from a blockbuster movie, but it is a real action and also taken very seriously. When it comes to the legitimacy of child support enforcement, Tampa residents should familiarize themselves with the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984. This legislation outlines tactics and actions that would be taken on individuals who do not make their child support payments by a State attorney or a district attorney.

What Ways Does the Government Get Child Support Funds?

There are many ways the government can collect child support payments from a spouse that is not pulling their fair share in the event of a separation. With child support enforcement, Tampa residents might not know that one way to get child support payments under federal law, the state is allowed to intercept tax refunds of the individual who has not paid. It is also quite common that the state would start seizing property in order to pay for child support. In some states, a person could have their driver’s license revoked for not paying child support.

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