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Criminal Defense Attorney New Tampa

Criminal Defense Attorney New Tampa

Most publicly broad casted or televised court cases usually are criminal cases that go on for a very long time in order for a jury to come a conclusion. Because of this, most people might be under the impression that criminal cases take forever to resolve, but this is not entirely true. From the perspective of a criminal defense attorney, New Tampa criminal defendants may wrap up the entire process from their initial arrest to sentencing in a couple of years or less. Most of this depends on the nature of the crime a defended is being accused of and also the amount of evidence has been procured against them.

The Arraignment Phase of a Criminal Trial

After a defendant has been arrested, the next phase of their trial process is known as the arraignment phase. This is when a defendant is called before a judge and informed of the specific charges that are being brought against them. This is an important part for a criminal defense attorney. New Tampa residents will also find out here if they are to be released and return for trial if they are facing a misdemeanor charge or they may be held at a local correctional facility if they are being charges with a felony.

Trial and Jury Phases

In the case of a felony charge against a criminal defendant, the next phase of their case would be a trial and a decision made by a group of their peers, or a jury. This is the part of the case that most people would see on television shows or broadcasted trials. With a criminal defense attorney, New Tampa residents would have a professional state their position on the case, as well as any evidence that proves the defendant is not at fault or should not be held accountable. his phase usually occurs within 6 days of the arraignment if the defendant has not waived this or if this part of the process has not been extended due to issues brought out in earlier parts of the trial.

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