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DUI Attorney New Tampa

DUI Attorney New Tampa

Driving under the influence is not something that people want to admit that they have done before in the past, but it happens more often than you might think. But before you would call the help on a DUI Attorney, New Tampa residents have to first be arrested for the crime which can happen by a few different ways. The most common reason why someone would be arrested for a DUI is because a police officer personally observed the crime such as a person who has been driving erratically and swerving. Another reason why someone might be involved in a DUI case is if the officer suspects probable cause in criminal activity.

DUI Trail

After your first offence of driving under the influence, someone who is caught a second time would need to go to court and trail. These cases are treated like any other court case, and it would be beneficial to the defendant to hire the assistance of a DUI Attorney. New Tampa residents would have to be judged by a jury of their peers in order to decide if the defendant is guilty or not. It is possible that before your trial starts that you can plead guilty and take a reduced sentence or suspension.

DUI Consequences

People should really be considered with driving while under the influence because there are many repercussions that can affect an individual if they choose to make one mistake. The obvious thing that can happen first is that someone’s driver’s license can be revoked. Even with the help of a DUI attorney, New Tampa residents might face harsher judgement from background checks and employment at certain jobs. Another problem that can happen to someone if they receive a DUI conviction that their auto insurance rates will definitely go up because of your conviction.

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