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DUI Defense Lawyer in Pasco County, Florida

If you are looking for a DUI defense lawyer in Pasco County, Florida, Butash Law Group is here for you!

We believe that everyone deserves the best DUI defense available. That’s why the DUI defense team at the Butash Law Group is ready to fight for you. We want to beat your DUI arrest in Florida, but you need to reach out to us before we can get started.

What Does a DUI Defense Attorney Do?

DUI defense attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in representing individuals charged with driving under the influence (DUI) offenses. These lawyers possess a deep understanding of Florida’s specific DUI laws and work diligently to minimize penalties or secure acquittals for their clients.

DUI is defined in Florida Statute §316.193, and the relevant part reads:
(1) A person is guilty of the offense of driving under the influence and is subject to punishment as provided in subsection (2) if the person is driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle within this state and:

     (a) The person is under the influence of alchoholic beverages, any chemical substance set forth in s. 877.111, or any substance controlled under chapter 893, when affected to the extent that the person’s normal faculties are impaired;

     (b) The person has a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 or more grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood; or

     (c) The person has a breath-alcohol level of 0.08 or more grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath.

While the statute may seem straight forward there are many defenses to the charge of DUI. Hiring the best DUI attorneys may be the only thing that saves you from a conviction. 

All DUI attorneys are not alike; you owe it to yourself to contact the experienced DUI defense attorneys at Butash Law Group for a free consultation.

Expert Knowledge of Florida's DUI Laws

Butash Law Group lawyers who specialize in DUI defense have comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of Florida’s DUI laws. We stay updated on any changes or amendments to these laws, ensuring that we can provide the most effective representation possible. 

This expertise allows us to navigate through complex legal processes and utilize relevant case precedents to build strong defenses for you.

Challenging Evidence and Questioning Procedures

One of the key roles of a DUI defense lawyer is to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution. We meticulously review all aspects of the case, including breathalyzer tests, field sobriety tests, and police reports, looking for any inconsistencies or procedural errors that could weaken the prosecution’s case.

Our attorneys may question the accuracy and reliability of breathalyzer results if there are concerns about calibration or maintenance issues. We may also challenge field sobriety test results if proper protocols were not followed during administration.

And we want to help you by challenging your prosecution’s case.

Advocating for Clients' Rights in Court

Butash’s DUI defense lawyers serve as strong advocates for our clients’ rights throughout court proceedings. We ensure that their clients’ constitutional rights are protected at every stage of the process. 

This includes 

  1. Protecting against unlawful searches and seizures
  2. Ensuring proper Miranda warnings were given
  3. Challenging any violations of due process

By skillfully presenting arguments and evidence in court, our lawyers strive to create reasonable doubt regarding our clients’ guilt. 

Our objective is to secure favorable outcomes, such as 

  • Reduced charges
  • Dismissed cases
  • Minimized penalties

Building a Strong Defense Strategy

The best DUI defenses in Florida involve a complete analysis of your case by the best local DUI defense attorneys and include the following points of emphasis:

Illegal DUI Stops in Florida

Often, the first contact with law enforcement in a DUI arrest comes when you are stopped by the police. Law enforcement must have probable cause that a traffic offense has occurred OR reasonable suspicion of criminal activity (such as DUI) to legally stop your vehicle. 

Your DUI attorneys will evaluate this first contact with law enforcement to determine if you were illegally stopped. If the officer develops a reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred, he is allowed brief detention to conduct further investigations.

DUI investigations in Florida

An officer who has lawfully stopped a citizen may detain that person long enough to accomplish the legitimate purpose of the stop. If that stop is on reasonable suspicion of DUI, then the stop may last long enough for the officer to diligently pursue an investigation to confirm or dispel the suspicion. 

This is what allows the officer to ask you to take FSE’s, or Field Sobriety Exercises.

DUI Arrest in Florida

Law enforcement must reach the higher standard of probable cause (rather than reasonable suspicion) to effect an arrest for DUI. Probable cause for a DUI arrest must be based on more than a belief that a driver has consumed alcohol. It must result from facts and circumstances that indicate a likelihood that a driver is under the influence of alcohol or has an excessive amount of alcohol in his or her system. 

The investigating officer must take into account all of the available evidence to determine if there is, in fact, probable cause to arrest you for the crime of Driving Under the Influence or DUI. This often includes your appearance, the odor of alcohol, and your performance on Field Sobriety Exercises.

DUI Breath Test in Florida

You may be surprised to learn that you do not take a DUI breath test until after you have been arrested. This means that the results of your DUI breath test have absolutely nothing to do with your arrest. 

The results of the breath test only serve as evidence of your guilt or innocence at a later date. Therefore, for the results of your DUI breath test to be admissible, the prosecution must first be able to show that the arrest itself is valid under the criteria set forth above. 

A crucial aspect of DUI defense is developing a strong defense strategy tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. Our lawyers consider various factors, such as 

    • Prior convictions
    • Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels
    • Any potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case

Some defense strategies may focus on challenging the legality of traffic stops or arrests. Others may involve presenting alternative explanations for observed behaviors or introducing expert witnesses to challenge the accuracy of test results.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer in Pasco County, Florida

When facing a DUI charge in Florida, it is essential to hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer who understands the intricacies of local laws and has a track record of successfully defending clients. 

Our lawyers will provide guidance throughout the legal process, ensuring that your rights are protected, and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome.

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