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Entrapment Lutz

Entrapment Lutz

Everyone knows that police officers often go undercover to arrest individuals in the act of committing a crime. Most of the time, undercover police officers dabble in illegal workings and participate in sting operations and set ups. One common case that many defendants say is entrapment, Lutz undercover officers might attempts to buy or sell illegal drugs and narcotics from in order to trick them or entrap them with a criminal charge. While it is illegal for a police officer or any government officer to trick a citizen into doing a crime they would not normally do, undercover police work and sting operations are not considered entrapment like most defendants argue.

What is a Real Example of Entrapment?

Entrapment cases can be a fickle matter as there is a fine line as to what is legal and what is not. For example, police officers are allowed to create lies and falsify their identity, however, they are not allowed to pester an individual about whatever the situation is and be persistent in trying to catch an individual breaking the law. Sticking with the example of drug related entrapment, Lutz officers are allowed to make up a phony excuse to try to get someone to sell them illegal drugs or buy them, however if the defendant refuses but an officer is still persistent for them to buy or sell drugs, this could be taken as potential entrapment depending on the specifics of the case.

Why is Entrapment a Big Deal?

Entrapment cases are taken very seriously for a few different reasons. One of the most obvious reasons why entrapment cases are taken seriously is to keep government officials and police officers in line and abiding by the law without taking matters into their own hands. Another reason why cases are taken seriously when it comes to Entrapment, Lutz defendants that are seen as being tricked or mislead by a jury or a judge cannot be convicted for the charges they face. Most cases that defendants claim entrapment are not actually entrapment cases where officers did nothing wrong outside the law.

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