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Wesley Chapel, a thriving cornerstone in Pasco County, Florida, is more than just a suburb; it’s a testament to Floridian spirit and growth. And in recent years, Lawyers in Wesley Chapel have experienced rapid growth, leading to an increased demand for diverse legal expertise.

As a result, the Butash Law Group has become a beacon of legal clarity in this ever-changing landscape, and we offer a variety of legal services :In times of need, a dedicated lawyer in Wesley Chapel from Butash Law Group is the ally you want by your side.

Our expansive legal prowess covers a wide spectrum, yet it is tailored to meet your individual needs perfectly. Beyond skills and expertise, our legal firm has an intrinsic connection to Lawyers in Wesley Chapel that add unparalleled depth to our counsel. 

We aren’t just attorneys operating in this area; we are an integral part of this community’s fabric. This deep-rooted connection ensures that when you turn to Butash Law Group, you’re gaining a partner who understands not only the intricacies of law but the nuances of Wesley Chapel’s ethos.

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Comprehensive Legal Expertise in Florida

Traffic Accident Law

With Wesley Chapel’s continuous development, traffic congestion and unforeseen road accidents have become an unfortunate reality. With the increasing hustle and bustle around areas like The Grove and the Premium Outlets, traffic jams and rush hour can lead to mishaps. 

It’s common to hear about minor accidents near Wesley Chapel District Park or major incidents on the arterial roadroads. Navigate the post-accident scenario with Butash Law Group’s traffic accident specialists. 

Unsure about your next move after a traffic incident? 

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Personal Injury Attorney

A slip at a local store or an injury due to another’s negligence shouldn’t derail your peace of mind. Our team is relentless in ensuring that you secure rightful compensation and justice. 

Don’t shoulder the burden alone. Insurance companies are not on your side and will try to give you as little compensation as possible. 

Reach out to us, and we will work tirelessly to help you receive the money you deserve. Let our dedicated attorneys handle the complexities and make them pay for your medical bills, lost time from work, pain, and suffering. 

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Family Law & Divorce Attorney

As the community around the Seven Oaks Clubhouse and the Estancia at Wiregrass thrives, so do the intricate dynamics of family life. In the heart of a community like Wesley Chapel, family dynamics play a pivotal role. 

Divorces, custody battles, and other familial legal matters need a delicate blend of compassion and assertiveness. And we’re here to ensure you’re well-represented and advised. 

Navigate these sensitive matters with confidence. 

Contact our family lawyers in Wesley Chapel for unparalleled assistance.

Criminal and DUI Defense Lawyer

Every individual’s rights matter. If you’re facing criminal or DUI charges, know that our Wesley Chapel-based defense team is well-equipped and motivated to uphold your rights, presenting your case with tenacity. 

You’re not alone in this journey. 

Reach out for a consultation, and let’s ensure justice prevails.

General Law

From contracts to wills or any undesignated legal territory, our general law experts are seasoned in varied facets of legal representation and counsel. No matter the challenge, we are on standby.

Contact us for a consultation with a lawyer in Wesley Chapel tailored to your unique needs.

Defending Your Future

The Butash Law Group is more than just a firm; it’s your strategic legal partner, providing a hand to hold in trying times. Life’s journey is unpredictable, and while Wesley Chapel offers a thriving environment for growth and opportunity, the path may sometimes be strewn with legal hurdles. 

Nestled amidst the scenic expanse of Florida, Wesley Chapel, with its picturesque landmarks like the Epperson Lagoon and the Shops at Wiregrass, paints a portrait of serene living. The vibrant Cypress Creek Town Center beckons families for a fun day out, while the sprawling greens of the Saddlebrook Resort offer an oasis of relaxation. But while these landmarks symbolize the region’s growth and energy, they also intertwine with the myriad challenges life presents.  

In the backdrop of beautiful Wesley Chapel, with its modern amenities and tranquil green spaces, personal challenges can feel magnified. Just remember that the decision to take legal action, while difficult, can also signify a new beginning and help you lift the weight off your shoulders.

Butash Law Group Stands With You

Whether it’s a personal injury concern, a familial dispute, or a traffic mishap, these are the moments you need assurance, guidance, and an unwavering advocate by your side. 

With our local insights melded seamlessly with our vast legal acumen, we stand ready to advocate, guide, and support. Your needs, concerns, and aspirations are important to us. 

Entrust them to Butash Law Group, and together, we’ll navigate the future with confidence and care. We urge you to reach out today and take control of your future with one of our lawyers in Wesley Chapel.

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Personal Injury

Slip & Falls, Premise Liability, Dog Bites

Traffic Accidents

Car Accidents, Motorcycle Crash, Bicycle Accident

Family Law

Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Injunctions

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Criminal Defense

Domestic Battery, VOP, Drug Possession, Theft, Sex Offenses

Male Driver Being Handcuffed And Arrested By Female Traffic Police Officer For Driving Offence

DUI Defense

Reduce Your Charge, Breath Test Refusal, Improper Stop, Field Sobriety Tests

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