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Restraining Order Boyette

Restraining Order Boyette

Restraining orders are commonly seen on movies and TV shows about two individuals who are now divorced and separated. While this is a common trait in cinema, many people do not know too much about restraining orders, such as what they mean and what qualifies someone to get a restraining order on someone else. When it comes to a restraining order, Boyette residents will often file for one if they feel their safety is in jeopardy based on the actions of another individual. There are many domestic violence issues that can have someone qualify for a restraining order, and here are some of the more common reasons.


Assault is something that is often misinterpreted by individuals who do not know much about legal issues. Legal assault is defined as words or actions by a person that make an intentional threat to commit violence towards another person. There are many types of assault that can be used in a domestic violence case that can cause someone to file for a restraining order. Boyette residents who are having issues with another individual should not have to feel scared or fearful just by talking to this individual, and this is a common reason why many people want someone to stay away from them, and for good reason.

False Imprisonment or Kidnapping

Another common reason why someone may be trying to pursue a restraining order is because they are being forced against their will to stay some place against their will, often defined legally as false imprisonment. This could be locking someone in a room and forbidding them to leave, which is not something that a person can do even in marriage. When it comes to someone wanting to file a restraining order, Boyette residents may want to issue one if they are being kidnapped or taken against their will to someplace, they do not want to be. These are both serious issues that no person should be doing to another individual, and it would be best to get legal representation and file for a restraining order to distance themselves from this behavior.

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