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Auto Accident Injury Attorney In Tampa

When you are involved in an auto accident in the Tampa Bay area, your insurance should cover your medical expenses, auto repairs, and lost wages. However, most insurance companies do not want to pay you enough. That’s why you need an auto accident injury attorney like those in the Butash Law Group on your side.

Why is it necessary for me to hire an attorney specialized in auto accident injury cases?

It’s stressful to be in a car accident, especially if you get hurt. Many times, people suffer from a physical injury and rush the claims process. They trust that their insurance company will help them, but instead they suffer financial loss.

We understand that you may want to return to a normal life as quickly as possible, but cutting corners risks financial hardship. You will lose your opportunity to receive the full amount of compensation possible.

Hiring an auto accident injury attorney can help you get the right amount of money from your insurance provider.

If you have been injured in a car accident, we will speak to the insurance companies for you and make sure your voice is heard. Our law office will help you file a claim for lost wages, medical bills, and even pain and suffering.

Attorney Michael Butash and his team will help you through the whole process to make it easier and more rewarding. With car accident Attorney Michael Butash on your side, you can trust that you will receive the money you deserve.

Don’t Trust Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

According to Florida law, auto insurance companies must willingly pay claims properly and promptly. It is illegal for them to discount, delay, or deny payment of claims (this is called bad faith).

However, some insurance companies have “bad faith” policies that purposely underpay claims. They may outright refuse to pay policyholders like you what they are owed.

By yourself, it can be nearly impossible to get all the money that’s rightfully yours. However, you do not have to suffer any longer.

Butash Law Group will aggressively defend your rights against corporate insurance companies. We understand that you are facing a difficult situation, and our team will fight tirelessly to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

We have over two decades of experience representing clients in matters related to personal injury, and we understand the complexities of auto accident injury cases. Our auto accident injury attorneys will provide you with skilled legal advice and representation regarding your car accident claim.

The attorneys at Butash Law Group will:

  • Evaluate your claim thoroughly
  • Develop a sound strategy
  • Advocate for your best interests
  • Obtain maximum compensation for your damages
  • Ensure you receive your money

Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you!

Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident in Florida

Follow the Steps below

If you have been involved in a car wreck, there are several proactive steps you can take to enhance your car accident injury claim.

To ensure you get the amount of money you need to pay for your car repairs, medical expenses, and lost time at work, you need to:

  • Take pictures of the car accident with your phone camera

For documentation and record-keeping purposes, it’s important to take photos of the car accident. Photos should include the entire scene, including:

  • Both vehicles
  • The surrounding area
  • Traffic signs 
  • Road markings
  • Truck or car damage
  • Visible physical injuries 

Be sure to take multiple shots from different angles so that all relevant details are captured. Additionally, take any close-up photos of specific damages to each vehicle. It is also important to photograph any skid marks.

  • Report your accident to the police and your insurance company

But don’t sign anything—do not sign any paperwork or documents. Consult a personal injury attorney if you are uncertain about what documents you should and should not sign. 

Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been involved in a car accident.

  • Collect witness statements including contact information

Witness Statement Example: I, [Name], saw a car accident involving [Vehicle 1] and [Vehicle 2]. It happened at [time] on [date] at [intersection or street]. I witnessed [Vehicle 1] run a stop sign and hit [Vehicle 2].

  • Visit a doctor immediately, whether you think you have been injured or not

It is important to get medical attention right away to diagnose and treat any unseen injuries, such as internal bleeding, whiplash, or concussion. These conditions may not be immediately apparent. 

Additionally, if you choose to pursue a legal claim for your injuries or file a lawsuit, a medical evaluation completed shortly after the accident could be used as evidence in your case.

  • Keep detailed records 

Document your recovery process. Maintain a record of all your medical bills. Do not discard any receipts for your vehicle expenses. And be sure to record all missed days from work.

Auto Accident Injury Attorney in Tampa
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